What We Do

We can help you maximize potential returns and restore the value of excess inventory.

  • Bulk stock purchasing

    GIDIPART can make bulk purchases, including direct from customers, so that you can quickly clear excess stock from your shelves and balance sheet, and provide assistance with shipping and packaging.

  • Consignment items

    GIDIPART offers a consignment service to help you free up storage space, utilise excess stock that still has market value and maximise your return on investment. You can choose to store your inventory for sale in our ESD warehouses in Italy, Taiwan or Hong Kong, depending on your preference. Once you choose to sell on consignment, GIDIPART will market, resell and ship directly from the inventory and share the resulting profit with you based on a set percentage.

  • Selling non-consignment stock

    With GIDIPART's non-consignment inventory sales model, you can take advantage of our extensive channel of potential buyers to market your products while continuing to hold them and monitor the day-to-day conditions of your warehouse.GIDIPART takes an aggressive direct sales model that benefits both consignment and non-consignment options.

  • Market Analysis

    With extensive knowledge of supply sources and markets, our product managers have the component expertise and marketing skills to accurately assess the market value of excess inventory and develop the best strategy to recover the value of the asset. We are able to tailor a hybrid service program to your specific needs, including bulk purchasing, consignment and non-consignment sales options.

  • Client Matching

    GIDIPART has a long history of working with major electronic component OEMs and EMS suppliers and keeps a close eye on market information, which helps us to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Our traders upload lists of excess stock to our internal database and use cross-selling, numbered linking, product application identification and industry matching to give suppliers worldwide access to your products for sale.

GIDIPART will quickly match the slow-moving inventory with the global buyers we have, and expand the scope of consignment items to other types of products.

Staff Sharing

"GIDIPART has many years of experience in finding matches between buyers and sellers of electronic components and we are able to use this to our advantage to find our customers the products they need and help them maximise the return on their excess stock. "

Jack Su Manager

Obsolete Inventory Solutions

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